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Focused Fitness

Focused Fitness is a gym designed to help members adapt to a healthy lifestyle through workout classes, the use of modern gym equipment and social support. Our staff will help you meet your goals through discipline and diet, encouraging your path through achievement. Your goals are important to us, whether you want to improve your overall fitness level, train for an athletic event or lose extra pounds. We help you make the commitment to live a healthy active lifestyle and feel positive about the steps you are taking to improve your lifestyle. Our certified, experienced trainers will show you the proper techniques for body building and power training to prevent injuries and help you get the maximum results out of your routine.

Smoothie Bar

We have several healthy options at our smoothie bar. Proteins like wheat grass, and powdered greens, glutamine (the building blocks of protein) and fresh fruit will add the nutrition necessary for burning fat and building muscle.




    Isagenix is favoured by gyms like us who focus on the combination of nutrition along with safe exhilarating workouts. As you develop your personalized routine, our supplements will help you combat fatigue so you are more awake during the day but sleep better at night. Some of our members see the positive effects of Isagenix in the first few days of use. Try our Energy System – a blend of high quality protein and nutrition to improve your health so you feel vibrant and alert through your workouts.

    Hydration Products

    If you forgot your bottled water, we sell several flavours of vitamin water and have fresh water on site for refills. Dehydration through exertion negatively impacts your cardiovascular system and muscle function. It is really important to drink small amounts of water, or fortified water, every 15 to 20 minutes while working out. Water and electrolytes – sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium for example – need to be replaced as you exercise. Electrolyte deficits can cause several uncomfortable symptoms including nausea and muscle cramps.

    We are here to help!

    Whatever your reason for wanting to get fit and enjoy life, we are here to help. Your goals are important to us, and we provide the social support, technique training and nutrition needed to help you maintain or get back on the path to health. Drop in and talk to us about your fitness goals. We would love to meet you.
    See you in the gym!

    Focused Fitness

    Focused Fitness is a full-service gym and fitness facility located in 100 Mile House BC.

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