Gym Rates

Drop-in: $10.00


$150.00/3 Months
$280.00/6 Months
$450.00/12 Months


$260/3 Months
$480.00/6 Months
$750.00/12 Months


$125.00/3 Months
$230.00/6 Months
$410.00/12 Months


(Minimum 3-5 Employees)
$110.00/3 Months
$250.00/6 Months
$360.00/12 Months

Kathy Cooper

Kathy Cooper who used to play triple A hockey and has coached teams and does our boot camps and is in the final stages of getting her certification and can also train hockey players 1-1.

I help busy moms get back into fitness and make workouts fit into their lives instead of the other way around.

Personal Training/Consultations

Exercise Plan – $50.00
Personal Training: – $80.00/session

Personal Training/Consultations

Paul Huber – Certified trainer for Boxing BC.

Focused Fitness

Focused Fitness is a full-service gym and fitness facility located in 100 Mile House BC.

Experienced & Supportive Staff from 9am – 5pm

Open 24/7 With Card-Lock Access

Conveniently Located

Nutritional Smoothie Bar


Fitness Classes

Fitness Events

Focused Fitness

#1-460 Birch Avenue S.,
100 Mile House, V0K 2E0
PO Box 1929

Dave Potter


Open 9 am - 5 pm